Author Mr. Vijay Yelmalle, CRAFT Agro, Mumbai INDIA

Sustainable Farming has become vital today in order to maintain a Healthy and Prosperous Planet. Diverse Modern Agricultural Practices are coming into picture whose prime focus is on the Sustainable methods of Farming. Hydroponic and Aquaponic being two of such Farming Techniques.

Spinach grown with the aid of Hydroponics at CRAFT Agro

Hydroponics is the plant cultivation system without using soil. It uses 90% less water as compared to the traditional farming. The produce grown is 100% Organic and of greater quality. The Hydroponic Farms Yields more vegetables and herbs in less time and space. It is economically viable and require less labour.

Hydroponic Farming could be done on a small scale as to grow vegetables to feed the family and also on large scale to run a business. The vegetables are grown locally thus the carbon footprints are minimal and is safe as well as nutritious to consume.

One of the main Advantage is that the Hydroponic Farming does not depend entirely on the Climate and can easily be grown Inhouse.

Aquaponics on the other hand is a combination of Hydroponics and Aquaculture where the aquatic animals feed on the nutrients supplied to them and the water is fed through a system which breaks down the excreta of fish to Nitrates and Nitrites which becomes the nutrients for the plant.

Aquaponics Setup

Aquaponics has huge Potential in developing countries and can easily be adopted. When designed properly it will need minimum quantity of water to keep the fish. And the plant grown along with the fish could be used for consumption. It is highly Profitable, Eco-Friendly and Sustainable Farming Business. The use of Chemicals is completely prohibited and the produce is completely organic.

Aquaponics setup can be as small as 500 sq. meters of area can give a yield which is enough to earn approximately 7 to 8 lakhs Rupees per annum. Installing a small home set up of Aquaponics of 20 sq. feet of grow area is suffices to feed one family.

Fishes in Aquaponics tank

Data and Research indicates that with the growing population and urbanisation around the Globe the need for better quality food and living is on a high rise. So as to meet to needs and be on track few Organisations and Start-ups like Craft-Agro in India have found out a way to serve the better quality nutritious food to the population.

The fertile land is reducing and the quality of food produced is also degrading with the use of Chemicals and Fertilizers causing many life threatening diseases like Cancer. Thus a simple way to grow organic veggies at home in less space is one of the best solutions.

Growing food Vertically through Vertical Urban Farming – creating stacks of Hydroponic Farms inside Buildings, Restaurants including tall skyscrapers has become a trend thus using minimum space and reducing the pollution to large extent. And is done all across the World right from Japan, Australia, India and many more Nations for the sustainable and better Future.

So what are you awaiting for start your own Modern Farm soon!! Happy Eating!


Mr Vijay Suresh Yelmalle is the proprietor of CRAFT. He has worked in chemical industry at Singapore for 14 years. Being MBA graduate from University of Wales, England, he has gained much needed experience and knowledge to establish and run a successful organization. Among many achievements, he was also a part of the team that successfully commissioned first Alfa-technology plant for manufacturing of MMA(Methyl MethAcrylate), which was 20,000 times expansion from its pilot plant. Worked in the field Aquaponics and Hydroponics for 5 years.


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