In this video Debomitra from TFTC and Areeb from FoodTech Simplied talk about the career opportunities after bachelor’s in Food Technology.

What After B.Sc/B.Tech Food Technology? | TFTC | Career Guidance | Food technology jobs | Career in food technology | food technology career In this video, Areeb from Foodtech Simplified & Debomitra from The Food Tech Club talk about the possible options after B.Sc or B.Tech in Food Technology or Food Science. This career guidance video series is based on the recent post on instagram @foodtech_simplified where we had asked questions. We’ve picked one of the comments and answered that question. We have considered other comments as well and further videos will be made on your queries for sure. Link to TFTC’s articles:…… Foodtech Simplified Instagram:… Foodtech Simplified Facebook:… Visit The Food Tech Club here – TFTC Instagram:… TFTC Facebook:…#foodtechnology#foodtechsimplified#TFTC

One thought on “What After B.Sc/B.Tech Food Technology| In collaboration with FoodTech Simplied

  1. I want to go for masters in food science from Canada in thesis based but the problem is coming of research proposal can you help me regarding this. I need some information about that.


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