Want to Study Food Technology in USA? Watch This! | TFTC | Career Guidance | Food Technology Career | Food Technology Jobs | Career in Food technology| In this video, Debomitra from The Food Tech Club has answered some of the questions related to foreign studies specifically for the USA. The questions answered in his video are as follows: Q. What is the scope of doing Bachelors/Masters/PhD from abroad? Q. Which country is the best for pursuing a course in food science or food technology (Is a specific country better than the other in terms of university infrastructure and jobs)? Q. Which is the best university for pursuing food technology/food science? Q. Which exam do I need to crack to get in foreign universities? Q. Can I get admission into a college without TOEFL/IELTS? Q. Ideal GRE score I should target for? Q. How can I get scholarships? Q. Do I need to have published articles/research papers to be an eligible candidate? Click this link for food technology colleges in USA: http://www.ift.org/community/students…

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