In the millennial era of the digital generation cloud kitchen is an emerging concept in food ordering.

In the millennial era of the digital generation cloud kitchen is an emerging concept in food ordering. The cloud kitchen seems to be an innovative concept as it avoids the burden of being a fancy outlet with attractive décor. The only and vital infrastructural requirement to setup a cloud kitchen is a fully functional kitchen with skillful kitchen staff, an extensive and intelligent inventory with a well managed centralized ordering system in place. The plus side of the cloud kitchen is a single kitchen can host a multi-cruise menu under different brand names with an individual chef as well. As the brand name also influence the choice of food that one orders. Thus, low cost for overheads and real estate and better scope of expansion. The main challenge in the cloud kitchen is the marketing design; since there are no physical outlets, the credibility of the brand (cloud kitchen company) could be probed. But thanks to the acclaimed and accomplished online ordering and delivery platforms like Swiggy, Zomato, Uber Eats has given a boost to the cloud kitchen ecosystem.

Currently, the world population is going through a transition due to the current COVID-19 situation. This transition will, in the long term, affect our social behavior; there would be a complete paradigm shift in the way the people dining out. Therefore, in such a scenario, the cloud kitchen would be a profitable business associated with low risk. Moreover, it is expected that the online food delivery market revenue will reach US$182,327m by 2024. Thus, the cloud kitchen is an emerging ecosystem especially in the dining arena that is a cost-effective and quality intensive.


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2 thoughts on “Is Cloud Kitchen the way forward?

  1. Hey liked ur webpage content and keenly interested in writing posting any thing about food… background…have done my bachelor’s degree in FOOD SCIENCE AND QUALITY CONTROLand after that I did my MBA in HR AND MARKETING ..


    1. Regarding CLOUD KITCHEN den it will be a great idea to be a cost effective and innovative but at the same time exploring new things and creation…..can u plz breif out the concept more in detail right from conception to execution.


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