TFTC thanks Foodtech Simplified to have Debomitra Dey, from TFTC to have a detailed discussion on opportunities in pursuing PhD abroad. Hope this piece of conversation is useful to all.

PhD in Food Science/Food Technology Aspirants, Watch This! (for India & Abroad) In this video, Ms Vijaya Parmar (PhD Scholar, Punjab Agricultural University) and Ms Debomitra Dey (PhD Scholar, Washington State University) have discussed some of the frequently asked questions about PhD program in Food Science/Food Technology in India or abroad.

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Want to Study Food Technology in the USA? Watch This! | TFTC | Career Guidance:

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Fulbright Scholarship:

Food Science/Technology Colleges in India:

Time Stamps:

00:00 – Introduction

01:32 – Why did you choose PhD?

05:14 – What is a PhD all about?

08:27 – Exams for PhD in India

09:50 – Exams for PhD in abroad

11:14 – Eligibility for PhD in India

12:38 – Eligibility for PhD in abroad

17:00 – How to Build a Profile for PhD?

22:27 – PhD Scholarships in India

23:45 – PhD Scholarships in abroad

27:50 – Colleges for PhD in India

29:57 – Steps to apply for a PhD in abroad

33:48 – Different job profiles in PhD

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