Tales of exotic tropical fruits

Fruit surprises on your foreign getaways...!! Travelling to other countries is more than just experiencing and indulging in its scenic beauty; it's also divulging your senses to never experienced things in your homeland. I realized this on my first international tour to Thailand, where my sensory organs were exposed to exotic fruits which are not … Continue reading Tales of exotic tropical fruits


HACCP (Hazard Critical Control Point) Commissioned by researchers at Pillsbury and NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) in the year 1960. The reason for implementation of HACCP was to develop a system to ensure safe processing and packaging of space food. HACCP is a globally recognized risk-based preventative and systematic approach to identify hazard, assess … Continue reading HACCP vs HARPC

The impact of technology on food takeaway industry

The British sure do love a takeaway, whether it is a pizza that we’re craving, a plate of fish and chips or a dish from the Chinese. There is no shortage of takeaways across the UK either, though advancements in technology have altered so much of this industry. Join new Ford Transit stockist Lookers as … Continue reading The impact of technology on food takeaway industry

Need for the bakeries to be energy efficient

The bakery industry is notoriously energy-intensive. Alongside energy needs such as lighting and heat, bakeries require tools including power ovens, mixers, fridges and freezers. The end result is often energy bills and shrinking profit margins due to energy prices rising. It’s important that bakers begin to assess how much energy they use and create steps … Continue reading Need for the bakeries to be energy efficient